Dewalt DCG412M1 18v XR Cordless Angle Grinder Review

Dewalt DCG412M1 18v XR Cordless Angle GrinderName: Dewalt DCG412M1 18v XR Cordless Angle Grinder

Where to buy:

Customer Rank at time of writing review: 5 out of 5

(there is only one review because this is a set, however if you look at the Dewalt Cordless Angle Grinder body only product it has 4.7 stars out of 5 with 57 reviews at time of writing)

If you follow Dewalt rules and resister your product with them within 4 weeks of purchase then you get 1 to 3 years warranty. It depends on what product you buy but most of their XR range has an extended 3 year warranty you should check with their website to be sure.

Dewalt Cordless Angle Grinder with 1 x 4.0ah battery Overview

  • The DCG412M1 is the 1 battery version of the DCG412M2.

  • Latest generation premium Grinder featuring new XR Lithium Ion Technology designed for efficiency and making applications faster.

  • PM58 DEWALT fan cooled motor with replaceable brushes, delivers up to 7000 rotations per minute for fast cutting and grinding applications.

  • Productivity is improved by steel cut spiral bevel gears provide highest level of durability and low vibration.

  • Low profile jam pot gear case improves gear durability and ergonomics.

  • Intelligent 2 finger trigger & lock-off switch for enhanced work safety & control.

  • Keyless guard for enhanced application versatility.

  • Improved ergonomic design and rubber grip increase comfort along with the two position side handle.

  • Quick change wheel release allows quick and easy tool free wheel removal

So what does that mean for you:

You can pay more for the Dewalt M2 so that you can have extra battery.

The XL batteries have the product work better and faster, doing 7000RPM mean that it will cut fast.

The design spiral bevel gears means that the product is stronger and has less vibration when in use.

The Good & the Bad

The Good:

#1 potable easier than lugging a transformer / lead in to a loft

#2 Battery’s have a good usage time

#3 Steel cut spiral bevel gears

#4 Low profile jam pot gear case

The Bad:

#1 Quite large and unable to fit in tight spaces

Dewalt angle Grinder Specifications

No Load Speed

7000 rpm

Max. Disc Diameter

125 mm

Spindle Thread



2.9 kg


400 mm


125 mm

Hand/Arm Vibration – Grinding

6.0 m/s²

Uncertainty K 1 (Vibration)

1.5 m/s²

Sound Pressure

87 dB(A)

Sound Power

98 dB(A)

Sound Power Uncertainty

5 dB(A)

Battery chemistry

XR Li-Ion


18 V

Battery Capacity

4.0 Ah

Power Output

405 Watt

My Final Opinion of Dewalt cordless angle grinder

The Dewalt cordless angle grinder is a handy tool to have,being cordless is get rid of the need to find an output and it has enough power to do the job. The only problem is its length so if you need to get into small confine spaces regularly then you might consider a smaller angle grinder.

On the Dewalt page this angle grinder has 197 reviews at time of writing and a score of 8.9 out of 10. So a lot of people like this machine.

What others have to say:

“Grinder is a superb machine as you would expect from dewalt.
The rpm at 7000 is slower than a mains machine but perfectly adequate to do the job.
I cut 4 lengths of conduit, 6 cuts of 25x 5 mm bar some hollow tube and a 15 x 15 bar and used a third of a 4 ah battery and about 3 mm of a disc, let the machine do the work.
No worries at all about battery or disc life”

and another:

“As I had the 18v twin set 4 ah I decided to add this to my collection. I put a good quality diamond disc on and expected to use it for the odd cut. However it is surprisingly powerful and cuts through roofing tiles easily. I have also used it for cutting off metal bolts which it does easily. The battery’s last longer than expected but you want at least two ideally three if you have a lot to cut . I hardly use my dewalt 115mm corded grinder unless I have a lot to do or grinding out pointing. Get one you won’t regret it”

If you would like to read more of people have to say about this machine or what to see more spec visit Dewalt 18v XR Cordless Angle Grinder 125mm DCG412 1 x 4.0ah Battery. Amazon also has a lot of different ranges on this product you can get the body only of an extra battery so check them out as prices do vary.

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