DEWALT DCB182 18V 4Ah XR Li-Ion Battery (Pack of 2) Review

dewalt 18v battery 2 pack

Dewalt 18v battery 2 pack

Name: DEWALT DCB182 18V 4Ah XR Li-Ion Battery

Where to buy:

Customer Rank as time of writing review: On the Dewalt battery page the customer rank at time of writing is 9.1 out of 10 with 406 people writing reviews.

WARRANTY: You get the standard 1 years warranty from Dewalt.

Dewalt 18v lithium battery Product Overview

The dewalt 18v lithium batteries now has extended runtime and optimised power so that you can do those jobs quicker. It does this without adding any size or weight to the battery. It has an LED state of charge indicator so that you can manage the charging level.

The Good & the Bad

The Good:

#1 You get more power over the 18v 3ah battery without add size or weight

#2 The18v lithium battery technology means that you can do more with less recharging

#3 It fits all DEWALT XR Li-Ion 18V Tools

The Bad:

#1 You only get a 1 year warranty with batteries.

Dewalt 18v 4ah battery Specifications

– Battery Capacity: 4.0 Ah
– Voltage: 18 V
– Height: 65 mm
– Length: 110 mm
– Weight: 0.61 kg
– Features: XR Li-Ion
– Compatible with : All 18V XR Li-Ion DEWALT tools

My Final Opinion of PRODUCT_NAME

For any task that you want flexibility with you want a cordless product and with that you need good batteries. The XR range seems to do really well lasting a long time during use and if you get a two pack of batteries then you will never run out of power.

Overall if you own a lot of Dewalt XR tools then you can never be short on power because the batteries fit each other, or if you only have one then it comes down to prefer or how much you will use it and weather you will have time to charge between uses.

What do reviews say:

“What can I say, they’re Li Ion batteries and they’re DeWalt which means they do what they say they do and you get two of them so great value, at least for DeWalt.”

And another:

“These are perfect for my Dewalt tools, they do well and keep me working for a long time when I am working I have some on the tools and others on the chargers and they are perfect. Again they are Dewalt the genuine items.”

There are many deals on at amazon and some even have free shipping to find out more but the batteries and if they still have free shipping visit DEWALT DCB182 18V 4Ah XR Li-Ion Battery (Pack of 2)

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